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The togetherness of this family so beautiful and faint, so rare as if it may never be experienced again, lost in other bleak memories. Their living flesh one with the aged trees, their enrichment fed by families past. Growth upon growth, entwined with those that went before, each one feeding off the last, just as one generation feeds off the prosperity of those that have come before. This piece exists as a partial fantasy, a heavenly creation of the family’s own design. Lanterns fill this forest with living light, illuminating the butterflies emerging from the portal of reality, their wings fluttering suddenly and abruptly. Just as abrupt as our own relationships with those that are closest to us, those that have seen and loved our earthly forms more than any other. A butterfly lands on the nose of both the father and son, providing them the opportunity to make a wish for new life, change, and hope. We can look into this dreamscape, to the other side for guidance and for the promise of what might be—this other reality existing in just enough of a state for it to be missed. Are these dreams created only with the aid of memories of true childhood homes, or are they modified by the hopeful wishes ahead?

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Artist member since 2018
Nicole Moss
Toronto, Ontario
The Other Side
  • Avant-garde
  • Photography
  • Hand-cut collage on wooden panel
  • 20" x 16" x 1"


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